Jersey House: fixing up an 1899 house in suburban New Jersey

Jersey House: fixing up an 1899 house in north jersey, without killing each other, or the house, or the cat.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

wow, we totally suck.

You'd think summer = more free time for house stuff and house blogging stuff, right? Yeah, not really.

We did finally get the beadboard and most of the trim up in the kitchen, and I did manage to paint 90% of it, as well as slap one coat on the walls before hosting my friend's bridal shower, but really, that's about as far as we got.

And I STILL! can't find the damn cable to the camera to download the photos. STILL! I suspect Henry the kitty has stolen it and squirreled it away with some of his precious treasures. Like the carcass of the fuzzy catnip mouse I found on the bed the other day looking all the world like a hairball.

Meanwhile, I really need to focus on getting things done. I have this problem where when a project is nearly done I get distracted and decide to oh, I don't know, make a quilt out of fabulous Amy Butler fabric, or embroider curtains for the kitchen.

(but they're so cute! see?
and I'm half way done outlining the birdies with red and then I'll band it with aqua....uh oh. See where this is heading?)