Jersey House: fixing up an 1899 house in suburban New Jersey

Jersey House: fixing up an 1899 house in north jersey, without killing each other, or the house, or the cat.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

getting ready

ok kids.

this weekend i pruned the hell out of one of the lilac bushes, and partially pruned the hell out of the other one. there's still a ton more to cut away, but pruning is like crack, it's so addictive.

and in other news, it's almost Memorial Day! which means it's almost time for me to have 1/2 day summer Fridays!

which naturally means it's time for me to ...
a) finish the kitchen, which entails...
i) striping the rest of the wallpaper
ii) repairing and skimcoating the walls
iii) picking a damn paint color already
iv) putting up the luan, and then tin ceiling backsplash
b) window fixing!
i) first kitchen window, taking it apart, stripping it (heat gun! whoo!) and reglazing
ii) bathroom window
iii) our bedroom windows
c) cutting all the crap out of the yard and if we have time
d) powder room demo and redo

We'll see how much of that I actually get to, considering the first summer friday will be a boozy margarita lunch.


At 5:39 PM, Blogger said...

When I bought my house EVERY room was wallpapered. I tried the steamer, the scary chemicals, etc. The best thing I found...Downy fabric softener and very warm water. Worked like a charm.


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