Jersey House: fixing up an 1899 house in suburban New Jersey

Jersey House: fixing up an 1899 house in north jersey, without killing each other, or the house, or the cat.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

kitty! porch! drinks!

it's been an eventful weekend.

we picked up a new baby kitty on Saturday. He's two months old, freaking adorable, and mostly black with dark dark brown rings and faint markings. And obviously, we still don't have a name for him. I'm leaning towards Percy, though Seamus and Ogden are in the running. Guinness was another suggestion, but he doesn't feel very Guinness-y.

I scrubbed the hell out of our porch this afternoon. it was a filthy filthy mess. We took down the screens last fall, and I rinsed the non-ground-in crud off then, but I really needed to scrub the whole thing down with a stiff brush. While I was at it, I also took the softer scrub brush on the pole to the crappy aluminum siding by the porch, and washed off the grime there.

It makes a huge difference now that it's clean, though the paint is chipping everywhere. I am starting to think that they never bothered to wash the porch before they slapped (and I do mean SLAPPED) the most recent coat of paint on there. There's also a few places where it looks like there are probably 15 or so coats of paint that is starting to crack and peel--especially on the southern side.

next I really need to scrape and sand everything down and prime and paint.

My brother and sis in law, me and JBB went to Pegu Club in manhattan this weekend. Seriously some of the best bartenders and the most quality cocktails. I do love that place, and consdiering that my brother charlie is a huge fan of Dale DeGroff, he was in heaven.

You have to love a place that gives you lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and orange bitters in eyedropper bottles at the table for you to customize to your taste. And knows how to make a fabulous rob roy.

Post-drinks, we went to Katz's and got giant pastrami sandwiches. Mmmm pastrami!